When you look at the Dictionary meaning of the word Sisterhood, it is the state of being a sister, sisterly relationship, or a community or society of sisters especially a society of women in a religious order. My understanding is the bond and connection between women of all ages, creating a sort of relationship called a sisterhood. There are no limitations of usage for this particular word. I am pleased that I have certain women in my life other than my mother with whom I can say I feel we could be sisters in another lifetime because as you all know I am an only child. I do have a half-sister from my father’s second marriage of course whom I love very dearly. Having said that since we did not live with each other at any point in our lives, we are not as close as I would have wanted.

After Nova was born, I have created a little sisterhood for my three daughters. Whether or not they get along is irrelevant, but the fact that there are three of them, in a close relationship is what makes it a sisterhood. Of course, I would love for them to be each other's best friend and for them to be happy, feel like they can talk to each other freely and wholeheartedly, but who am I to have that wish. As long as they don't hate each other for some silly reason when they grow up, I'm already content.

When I had Elle, I thought she would be my only child, never imagining I would be having three gorgeous girls to raise till they become powerful women. Here I am writing about the relationship I hope for them to have, yet not knowing about all the unknowns which could come in the way of that as time flies by. Elle has been nothing but helpful since Rae arrived in the family. At times, of course, she can get annoyed by her little sister and complains why she always has to be the last one in receiving hugs and kisses or why when we are giving gifts out or treats, she always has to be graceful and let her sisters go first. She is, however, beginning to understand that she will be the first to get all the cool stuff such as a phone, car, flat, higher education, job, you know all the amazing adult related stuff she wants to have overnight even if she is just 8.

It is definitely too early for me to tell whether Nova enjoys having sisters who fuss around her. They sort of looking after her when they want to, and when they don't want anything to do with her, they let her cry and practice her lung capacity. That's what my mum says, the more they cry, the better their lungs. Whether there is any scientific proof to this, of course, I don't know. As time goes by, I am sure I will be able to see more and more interactions between Nova and her two older sisters. While Rae gets jealous still whenever I cuddle Nova or has to put her to bed, I know that deep down she has already accepted the fact that this tiny human is here to stay. First, a few weeks back from the hospital Rae still held out a bit of hope that Nova was only a houseguest and will leave or be taken back at some point by her real parents. Now that things seem to be permanent, I think Rae has accepted it and began to care for her in her own unique way.

Being the middle child, Rae being in this sisterhood is a little more complicated to illustrate. She, well, she is impatient, she wants Nova to be able to crawl, walk, play with her right this second. Although that is super sweet of her, it just takes time. I can't wait for the time to come when they can play together. From the hundreds of photographs I take each day, I think the number will rise significantly when all three of my cuties can play with each other. The relationship, however, between Rae and Elle is truly special. Elle is so tentative with her. She is patient, she teaches her to count, the colours of the world, and anything and everything in between. We recently introduced Rae to the Disney film Frozen. The film itself has a very strong meaningful story of sisterhood. Every time she watches it, the part where Anna asks Elsa to play, it is exactly how she is with Elle. She waits around until her older sister finishes homework so she can play with her, blow bubbles together, ride their scooters together, go to the park together. Even when she eats dinner, she stops to ask where Elle is before starting to eat her food. I wouldn't say that she is Elle's copycat, she is not yet at that stage, but I am sure soon she will be. She will be just following her around. In a way, Rae looks up to Elle I assume.

As a collective, my girls form a very special bond with each other. They rely on Elle's responsible and maternal nature, as well as Nova relying on Rae's fun and kind demeanour. In a way, their own personalities form a sort of glue that holds the three of them together. All I hope for them in the future is this connection to stay valuable to them, in the way that having it fade away would appear to be a great loss to each and every one of them. You can make friends, find love, but you cannot forge as strong a relationship as a sisterhood by not giving the most love and attention to the other women in it.



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Jolanda Writes

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